Why we should not stop teaching the ‘unnecessary’ English lesson

The latest evidence in support of teaching English in the classroom is the results of a survey of over 3,000 US high school students conducted by The American Conservatives.

While the study found that the majority of students in the survey believe that the time and energy required to learn the English language is too much, a small minority thought the time spent on English was “too little”.

The survey also found that nearly two thirds of students believed that teaching English was a necessity in their school environment, while another third said it was an option.

But a survey conducted by the University of Michigan found that while 70% of students said that learning English is important, only 37% of teachers believed that it is an option for their students. 

The results of the survey were released on Thursday as President Donald Trump and his administration attempt to reverse a trend of mass deportations and deportations. 

 The survey, conducted by YouGov and published in the November issue of The American Presidency, also found widespread support for the deportation of immigrants who do not meet certain educational goals, which the survey stated is the result of an “acute national anxiety” among young people.

The survey asked the question:  “What do you think is the most important thing for a young person to achieve in life?” 

The results of The National Survey of Young Americans found that 85% of young people surveyed said that they wanted to go to college.

The poll also found high levels of support for Trump’s plan to roll back the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which is the program which provides temporary protection from deportation for those who came to the US as children.

Only 26% of the young people polled said that it was a good idea for the Trump administration to cancel DACA, while 43% of respondents said it should remain in place. 

The poll also surveyed young adults in the US on issues of the day, such as the impact of the election on their futures, their feelings towards the Trump Administration, and how their communities have changed since the election.

The results showed that 70% thought that “the economy has improved significantly since the presidential election, while 18% think it has been worse”. 

The United States has been on edge since the 2016 election, with Trump winning a decisive victory in the Electoral College despite losing the popular vote.

The US is one of the most racist and xenophobic countries in the world. 

Trump has made his support for mass deportation a cornerstone of his presidential campaign, saying that he would end DACA if elected, while also arguing that the immigration system is unfair and that the “diversity” of the US is being undermined. 

He has also advocated mass deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants, which he said would allow for “mass deportation of Muslims”. 

In February, President Trump announced the implementation of a new immigration policy that would see the deportation, on a case-by-case basis, of people who do, or do not, meet the criteria for a Deferred Amnesty for Childhood (DAC) program.

The DACA program is meant to provide temporary protection to young immigrants who came as children and has been in effect since 2007. 

DACA was created in 1996 to address the “comprehensive failure of our immigration system”, which had become “a source of injustice and discrimination”. 

“DACA protects people who came here as children, or have lived here their entire lives, and who are the product of hard work and dedication,” the Trump Department of Homeland Security said in a statement in February. 

“The DACA program provides a path to citizenship for many of our young people who were brought to the country as children by their parents.

It also gives young people a pathway to a better future.” 

The Department of Justice announced in May that it would not seek a court order that would stop the deportation of anyone who had DACA in place, but said it would “ensure that DACA recipients have access to health care, education, and legal services”.

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