Why the UK doesn’t have a ‘Weebly Education’ website

A video from a Weebly educational website, aimed at children with disabilities, has been making the rounds on social media in the UK. 

In the video, which has garnered more than 100,000 views on YouTube, a woman who identifies herself as Weebley’s Head of Communications explains how Weebylights is the UK’s only education website that’s entirely designed for children with special needs.

The woman says that her organisation was launched in 2013 to offer accessible learning tools to parents and their children.

“We’ve made it our mission to make sure that everyone who wants to be able to learn in the way that they want to be is able to,” she said in the video. 

“We’re not going to do it for every child who needs it, and we won’t do it in every classroom, and I think that that is a really unfair thing for people who do need it.”

The Weeblys website aims to teach children with intellectual disabilities, autism, and cerebral palsy the basics of life through activities such as walking and writing.

It also aims to encourage the development of the child’s social skills.

“The goal is to make it as accessible as possible for people to learn,” said Weebleys Chief Executive, Sarah Weebles, in a statement to the BBC.

“To do that, we have been working with disability groups to build a website that will allow parents and teachers to easily access information about learning with a child with intellectual disability. 

We have partnered with schools, local councils and the Royal College of Teachers to develop the Weeblys Learning Centre. 

To ensure we meet our goal of providing parents and staff with information about all aspects of learning for children in need, we need to build the right infrastructure and a team that can support our mission.” 

Weebleys website aims for a number of aims. 

It aims to educate children with speech and language disabilities, and to encourage children to be independent. 

The Weepleys Learning Center will also be used to provide support for parents, teachers and support workers.

“We’ve got a team of people who work on the site,” Weeblers said.

“They do everything from helping parents with the website to working with the local council to managing the site. 

They’ve got the technical team, they’ve got staff who are trained and they’ve also got an expert consultant. 

There are lots of people that have been involved in this. 

A lot of our team are children, we’ve got lots of our staff that are parents. 

And they are doing amazing work.”

 According to the Weeples website, Weeblies learning centre has been designed to be accessible to anyone who has an autism spectrum disorder, and has a disability rating of less than one. 

This means that people with a disability are able to access the Weelley Learning Centre, while those with an intellectual disability can access the Learning Centre for those with a special need.

 “I’ve been looking at this for a long time,” Weeley said.

“This is not just a one-off.

We have this huge network of support that we have for a huge number of people with disabilities.”

I think this is a real testament to the way we work together.

“The BBC has contacted Weeblicious and Weetly for comment.

This article originally appeared on The Independent here

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