Why the U.S. must stop punishing colleges for their students’ graduation rates

The U.K. has been making strides in getting graduates to college, but a new report shows it’s still falling behind.

It found that just 21 percent of students at British universities were getting degrees in 2018, compared to 26 percent in 2016.

The report comes as the government is mulling the future of universities, which will decide how much money it should be spending on research and graduate courses.

As a result, universities are looking to recruit graduates who are prepared to stay at the universities for the long haul, the BBC reported.

Some of the country’s biggest institutions are hoping to find new ways to attract graduates, and the new report from the University of Bristol shows that this is happening.

In a new study, the Bristol University’s education chief says that if students at some of the UK’s most prestigious universities are given the same opportunity, they could leave them with a better job than they could at the University College London, the Times of London reported.

“In many cases they can get better jobs than in the private sector, where they might get a better wage or better benefits,” said Michael Cope.

That could be a problem for many graduates, however, who could face a backlash if they are judged to have been “better off” than they would be if they had been stuck at university, Cope added.

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