Why the State Department has been hiding the impact of climate change on education

A new report by the advocacy group Foundation for Educational Progress reveals that the State department has been withholding information about the health impacts of climate denial and that the Obama administration is actively pushing back against the report.

The new report, “The Climate War,” details the State’s refusal to provide data that could be used to inform public policy debates.

The report notes that State Department officials have refused to provide information on the impacts of global warming and climate change as well as the costs to the country of inaction.

According to the report, the State has withheld more than $1 billion from education over the past five years.

The information has been withheld under the FOIA law, which allows federal agencies to withhold information from the public.

The State Department refused to respond to the foundation’s request for information for the report through a spokeswoman.

The report notes, however, that State has not withheld the data requested by the foundation because of concerns about what the data could be released in a political context.

“The State has been resisting providing the information the Foundation requested,” the report states.

“This has led to the creation of an internal State department office, and it is unclear whether it is currently operating under the same policies as other government departments.”

The State department’s position on climate denial is a longstanding one, as the agency has been a key player in shaping the U.S. climate change policy since the Clinton administration.

In 2008, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton famously said that climate change was a hoax, and she was widely criticized for her statements.

Clinton’s State Department, however , has made a series of policy statements in the wake of the climate change debate that were critical of climate scientists.

For example, Clinton supported the Keystone XL pipeline during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Clinton also has been widely criticized, including for her use of the term “global warming.”

The report points out that Clinton has made multiple statements since becoming Secretary of State in 2016 that are critical of scientists.

Among those were her assertion that “we’re on track to exceed” the climate target set by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and her comments about the role that coal and oil companies play in global warming.

Clinton has repeatedly asserted that “there is no doubt” that climate science is accurate, and that climate deniers are engaged in “denial of reality.”

The State Department is also currently investigating allegations that the agency was engaged in bias against climate scientists and has launched a broad investigation into whether it misused funds.

“Clinton’s repeated assertions about the lack of credible science are a clear and present danger to the climate,” the foundation report states, citing the State Dept.’s denial of climate science and its attempts to block the release of the findings of the UNFCCC.

“Clinton’s climate denial policies have been so extreme that it has forced the creation and launch of a public affairs agency to counter her attacks on climate science.”

The foundation also found that the U,S.

is the only country that has not yet taken actions to curb climate change.

“We are now in the second year of the Trump administration and climate denial continues unabated,” the Foundation wrote.

“It is now clear that climate denial has become an acceptable political strategy for the administration of President Donald Trump and his team of climate denier climate change deniers, and the president has shown no signs of backing down,” the organization wrote.

“The only reasonable response to this threat is to enact a comprehensive plan to curb emissions and address climate change and we are working with other groups and stakeholders across the country to do just that.”

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