Why teachers are teaching students how to take a pill to save their lives

Students at a South Australian school are learning how to save themselves with a drug they say has a “cure” for high blood pressure.

The drug is known as “joe biden” and is said to help treat high blood pressures and improve mental health.

The class is taught by an alternative school teacher who says the drug can help treat hypertension and heart attacks.

“I would say it is a miracle drug and if we use it properly, we can save people’s lives,” he said.

“It is called joe bidens or joe bidsen and it is the only drug that can help you do it.”

Its very effective.

It has a cure and I think that’s what’s going to make it so effective.

“I mean if you have hypertension, you can use joe benda or joey bidens.”

Mr Bidens said the drug is used by the government to treat high cholesterol and diabetes, and that it was also used to treat some other conditions such as arthritis.

The teacher said the class taught by the alternative teacher had been using joebiden for a number of years and had never experienced any side effects.

“The drugs are very effective, they have a cure, and I have no problems with any of our students taking it,” he explained.

The school district in South Australia’s South West is a regional government and school board with about 600 students.

The district is planning to hold a community meeting on Wednesday to discuss the drug’s use.

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