Why Google wants to make educational technology more affordable

The search giant has been working on an affordable educational technology, designed to help kids learn at home.

It hopes the technology will improve learning by providing students with an opportunity to create, explore and interact with digital content.

The technology is being developed by Google in partnership with Microsoft and the Australian Government.

“We’ve been building this product for more than a decade, so this is really an evolution,” said John Russell, senior product manager for Google’s Education Department.

“The core idea is that you can take a basic education product and turn it into a really rich and powerful educational experience,” he said.

“You can make it more powerful, more accessible, more engaging.

It really does bring a whole new level of education to people’s lives.”

The project is based on the existing Google Cloud computing platform, with some of the software used for building the project being the Google Web API, which is used to build the platform.

“This is a platform that we’ve been using for a long time, so we’ve really built that experience around it,” Mr Russell said.

The project uses Google Cloud Platform to develop the software.

“I think this is the future of education, I think this will be the future for computing,” Mr Wilson said.

Mr Russell said the technology would be able to help students build a learning experience and to build new digital content for their children, and that the technology was being built to support teachers and parents.

“It’s going to be a lot more accessible than it is today, because it’s going be more responsive to the needs of kids,” he explained.

“As a parent, you can get a much more immersive experience from this.”

The technology can be used in a number of ways, including teaching kids how to code, create and manage digital content and teach students about the history of computers.

Mr Wilson said the platform was already being used by teachers across the country to provide more personalized learning experiences, and had been helping to build up a community of teachers and learners across Australia.

“If you’re a teacher, you have to have access to this technology, so the idea is to provide this opportunity for kids to build their own content,” he added.

“And then the teachers can then be able use this content to build more content for kids.”


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