When the Queen is back: The Queen has returned to her college and has been interviewed

It was a year since she celebrated her 60th birthday in New York, and the Queen has been on the move, attending a range of international meetings and meetings with world leaders.

In her latest trip to the US, the Queen made a surprise visit to the University of Pennsylvania’s campus in Philadelphia and gave a commencement speech.

During her time as Queen, the Monarch has been a regular speaker at colleges and universities around the world.

She is expected to return to her home in Scotland in March to spend more time with her family.

The Queen will be accompanied by her husband Prince Charles, and a host of other dignitaries, and will also be accompanied on an official visit by her father, Prince Charles and the Duke of Edinburgh.

She will be joined on the trip by her son Prince William, who will be in Scotland to celebrate the Queen’s 60th birthdays.

The visit to Pennsylvania is the first by a British monarch since 1869.

The Royal family has not visited the US since her death in June.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have visited the White House, where she was given a “thank you” speech.

They will also visit a hospital in Texas and will be seen at a funeral service in Philadelphia on March 28.

In a statement released by the Whitehouse, the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex said the visit would be a “special occasion” and “celebrate the Queen and the royal family’s many years of service to our country”.

The Queen is due to return on March 30.

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