What’s wrong with the educational games industry?

When it comes to making money, the games industry is in a slump, as more and more kids are opting to play online instead of in a classroom setting.

In 2017, a whopping $8 billion was spent in the US on games.

The industry has seen a significant decline in popularity in recent years, and is now ranked third in revenue behind video games and video-on-demand.

And as kids and their parents increasingly abandon traditional learning settings, the number of parents opting out of their kids’ education system has also increased.

While it is unclear exactly why this trend has happened, one major culprit may be the education system.

“It’s really hard to find a game that isn’t in the works, and they’re working on it,” says Mark Hetrick, president of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, an industry group.

“Kids aren’t really learning how to be good, or learning to use computers and software, and those are the things that kids are playing.”

While some games have been released in recent decades, others haven’t made it out of the studio doors yet.

Here are the 10 best educational games.


The Simpsons: Homer and friends The game series has always been about the Simpsons.

But with its recent revival, it is being pushed into a whole new territory.

While the series has been around for decades, it has always had its roots in the animated TV series, which began in the 1950s.

The series is still a favorite among parents, as it teaches kids about family, friendship, sports, and the wonders of Homer Simpson, the fictional character who lives on the Simpsons’ fictional island.

The original series ran from 1966 to 1987, and was followed by a reboot in 1989, which also featured the likes of Bart and Lisa.

The new generation of kids will be able to enjoy the same characters as the older generation, but they’ll also have access to a whole bunch of new features, including a new “tweener” character named Marge Simpson.

“We’re trying to create a new generation for them,” says Rob Bowman, CEO of The Simpsons Club, a company that offers a variety of educational and fun games to children.

“For them to learn the story, the history, the culture of Springfield, we’re trying a new thing, a different way to approach that.”

In 2017 alone, The Simpsons Clubs membership totaled more than 2.4 million people, and more than 400,000 kids have played the series.


The Sims: Get the Sims “The Sims” is the first big-budget video game to be released by Electronic Arts, which recently announced it will release the next installment, “The New Sims 2.”

Released in 2013, the game was a huge hit with parents and kids, and now EA is hoping to bring the game back into the mainstream.

But its success isn’t guaranteed.

“You can never take away the experience, but you can’t replace the experience,” says John Martin, EA’s senior vice president of interactive entertainment.

The biggest challenge for EA is getting more kids playing the game.

The first “TheNewSims” was released in 2012, and it’s still a very popular game for adults.

But for kids, “There are so many features that you don’t get in the Sims, so it’s going to be very challenging to really get a lot of people playing it,” Martin says.


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed “Star Wars” is a game series that has been in development for nearly 50 years.

“Force Unleashed” is an Xbox 360 game that was released back in 2013.

It was the first installment in the Star Wars series, and came in three different versions: a $99.99 “digital” game, a $69.99 game that came bundled with the console, and a $39.99 console version.

“The first game was really fun,” says Greg Gaffigan, vice president and general manager of Microsoft Studios, who is developing “Force Incorporated.”

“It was a little more accessible, and kids didn’t get the experience as much as adults.”

While EA has tried to introduce some of the game’s features to “Force,” many gamers have been unhappy with them.

“I’m not a big fan of the Force Unleashed game, but I still play it on a daily basis,” says Adam Smith, a parent of three who works in the games business.

“Some of the content that’s on the disc is actually fun, and that’s the only thing I would like to see added.”

“I think that it’s time for EA to make some changes,” says David Guggenheim, a child development professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

“At the end of the day, this game is an extension of the movies, and so what we need is a more diverse, accessible, interactive experience that’s accessible to the whole family.”


The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts “The Walking Dead”

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