What’s next for Medbridge Education Center?


— — A Wisconsin public school that has struggled with staffing shortages and a lack of a clear-cut role for teachers is facing an uncertain future as the nation’s biggest health insurer struggles with a ballooning number of claims.

Medbregin Elementary School in Medbregin, Wisconsin, closed in the middle of the year.

But the school is expected to reopen next year, when it will have a staff of about 800 teachers, and the school board will vote on a new contract.

The school district announced in February that it was looking for about 100 new teachers, about half of whom would be from outside the state, to fill vacancies on staff and other positions.

A teacher who had been hired by the district in 2016 has been fired, and an interim superintendent has been named.

The district has said that a handful of students have complained about their teachers, but there is no indication that any of the teachers were mistreated or discriminated against.

The school board is looking at a plan to open a new facility in Medbro near the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, which would require an additional $100 million for construction, according to a school district statement.

Some of the proposed construction projects could cost about $5 million, according the statement.

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