What’s in Dick Cheney’s ‘DICK CHENEY’ Education Plan? The truth in the plan

A new plan to expand school choice by expanding charter schools and other innovative ideas that have won praise from some in Congress and the White House is making its way through the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

The bill, unveiled Monday, is part of a larger effort to make the U,S.

a nation of schools.

Here are some of the big stories that have emerged since the bill was introduced in April.

The plan expands charter schools in states that have expanded their eligibility for them.

In states where charters are not allowed, charter schools will be allowed to operate without the government involvement.

The legislation also creates a new tax credit to help states that use charter schools with school improvement funding.

The law would expand the eligibility for a tax credit of up to $20,000 for every new charter school in a state.

States that do not allow charter schools could use the credit to fund new charter schools, a proposal that has been criticized by conservatives and some liberals who argue that the program will hurt public schools.

Charter schools have also been a hot topic on the campaign trail and in the 2016 presidential race.

Trump has promised to close schools, including those in cities that allow charter school expansion, if he is elected.

The Senate’s bill has been referred to the Judiciary Committee, where Republican Sens.

Chuck Grassley and Dick Durbin are both members.

They are the only Republican senators to support the legislation.

The White House says the bill would give the nation’s children the opportunity to better themselves through learning.

The new bill would also create a new government program called the Education Equity and Opportunity Act.

The EEOA would provide states with up to 100 percent of funding for public schools if they allow charter operators to operate under their existing policies.

States would have to set aside $10 million a year for the EEO, and schools would receive the funds from the federal government.

The program would help states find additional students, and states could choose to accept students who live in their districts.

The money could also be used to expand or close charter schools.

There are also proposals to establish the “charter schools choice” tax credit, which would be available to states that are already in the EEA program.

The Taxpayer Protection Act would also provide an $800 million boost to states and territories that use a tax-exempt formula to choose which charter schools to accept, and which to close.

States also would be eligible to receive $100 million a decade for providing financial support to charter schools for the first five years.

The House and Senate plans would also establish a new program called “New School Innovation” to help charter schools find and recruit more students and teachers.

This program would allow states to hire a network of charter schools that will operate in partnership with a nonprofit organization to develop and implement programs to increase student learning.

“New Schools Innovation” would provide state-funded support to help charters improve their teaching, student retention and graduation rates.

The funding would be used in partnership between the nonprofit organization and charter school operators, and charter schools would also receive a financial incentive for their use.

The Education Equity Act would fund the new program, called “The New School Innovations Fund,” and the New School Choice Tax Credit.

The “New Sustainability” Tax Credit, which was created to provide federal aid to states for the creation and maintenance of charter and other innovation-oriented schools, would be eliminated.

The Congressional Budget Office said the measure would result in more federal aid for states that adopt new educational models, which could lead to more charter schools opening and higher graduation rates among students in those schools.

“The new bill, introduced Monday, would provide an additional $10 billion over 10 years to support innovative and low-income charter school operations, including in areas where charter schools already operate,” according to a summary of the bill obtained by ABC News.

The American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, the largest conservative-leaning policy group, was not immediately available for comment.

The bills comes as a series of charter school closures and school closings have drawn scrutiny.

The Obama administration, including President Donald Trump, has called for school closures in the wake of high-profile cases of poor performance in charter schools or poor student achievement at their closed schools.

Trump, who also serves on the board of the American Federation of Teachers, has pledged to close all schools in the U.,S.

if elected, and has called on the U to “do something about this.”

The bill also calls for states to “use the resources of the ESEA to support charter schools” and states to open charter schools if it “is not feasible to open a traditional public school.”

The Senate plan would create a special tax credit for states, which include some Republican-led states, that use the ESEA to provide “equity” funding for charter schools through the federal education aid program.

There is also an alternative to the ECEA that allows states to accept private

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