What a Hillary Clinton education clip art video would look like

Education Department video producer and artist Brianna Schieffelin is making the case that Hillary Clinton’s campaign should be funding the education of her children.

 The clip art was commissioned by the Clinton Foundation.

It was created by Schiefelin and the Clinton School for Girls.

The project has received praise for its quality and looks very much like a real-life Clinton school.

She has a large collection of videos with children’s faces and names, some of which are very close to those in the clip art.

In a video about the video, Schieffer said it “represents an important moment for the Clintons, as they begin the next phase of their ambitious goal to transform public schools.”

It also reflects Clinton’s stated goal of empowering the children in the US to be “leaders in their own communities.”

“The Clinton Foundation’s investment in educational and career-building efforts has produced some of the most important learning outcomes for students across America,” she said.

“In addition to the incredible work the Clinton Institute is doing in our country’s schools, the Clinton-led Clinton Foundation also provides scholarships to thousands of children through the Clinton Scholars Program and grants to more than 100 school systems nationwide, including schools that are part of the Clinton Leadership Scholars Program.”

Schieffelin said the video is a great example of what the Clintons are attempting to achieve in their political career.

It is an educational moment, she said, but one that has to be made available to all Americans.

As a member of the Board of Education, Sfeffer said, she was “deeply moved” by the video.

Clinton has called on the Education Department to fund the Clinton education system.

At a recent White House press briefing, she expressed “a strong commitment” to the school system, noting that “schools like ours are critical to the health and prosperity of all Americans.”

The video was created to help fund Clinton’s presidential run, which is expected to begin in the spring of 2020.

According to Schieflin, it is important for her to show the value of a high school education.

I hope that this project continues to inspire the Clinton family and their foundation to continue to invest in education, she told ABC News.

Spencer Bixby contributed to this report.

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