‘The only way we’ll get the jobs we need’: Vadodara’s jobless rate rises as jobs decline

Vadamal village in the northern district of Vadakota has experienced an upsurge in the number of unemployed since the last two years.

The government’s joblessness figures for April show that more than 1.1 million people, or 6.8% of the total population, are jobless in the district.

The unemployment rate in the entire state is 4.5%.

The unemployment for Vadadakot is almost the same as in the neighbouring district of Paharganj.

The state’s job growth rate has also been the same at 4.9%.

The unemployment rate is highest in the districts of Puthandam, Pannaiyar and Vadaganga, which together account for more than 10% of India’s population.

The poverty rate is also much higher in the state at 20%.

The poverty of Panchkula, a village of around 7,000 people, is over 55% while that of Pannapura, a district of about 3,000, is around 30%.

The rise in the unemployment rate has coincided with a drop in the percentage of jobs in the Vadambakkam region, the largest of the six districts in the region.

The government is looking at bringing in additional incentives to boost job creation in Vadabakkkam and elsewhere in the south.

The unemployment in Vadaland and other parts of the state is particularly high as the jobless population in these areas is very small.

It is not clear why the unemployment rates are increasing in these districts.

Some blame the fact that unemployment is so high in Vadi.

Vadi is not part of the Vadi-Mankhurd belt and, for a large part, it is a rural district that has experienced very little job creation.

Vadamallikam is one of the few districts in northern India that has a jobless census in April.

The data was released by the government on Thursday.

This is the first time that the census has been conducted in the area.

“The employment numbers in the areas that are reporting jobless are extremely low and the trend is worrisome.

The census is not an accurate indicator of the real situation,” a Vadavallikaman official said.

The government is trying to create a job market that provides better prospects for people in these villages.

The official said the government is considering bringing in incentives for people to work and provide better jobs in other areas in the north.

Vadadaland has also suffered from high unemployment in the past few years.

According to the latest census figures, the total unemployment rate of the region stands at 6.2% while unemployment is highest among the districts in Pahor and Pannagiriya.

The jobless percentage of the population stood at 8.2%.

The government has set a target of hiring 1.3 lakh persons a year from the regions of Pappu and Paharkar in the coming five years.

It has also set a deadline of September 2020 for the district government to create at least 1,000 jobs.

For the past five years, the government has tried to bring in incentives to encourage job creation from other parts in the country.

But it has not succeeded in increasing the number and quality of jobs that people can get.

The number of jobs created in the rural areas has not been increasing as fast as in other parts.

On Thursday, the Vodakkavai district government announced a two-year, $100 million programme to set up 500 jobs in six areas in Vavaragiri and a similar scheme in Pampore.

The Vadapati region in the eastern part of Vadi has seen the sharpest decline in the job creation rate in recent times.

The jobless rates are highest in Kalaikunda, about 5% of Vavadakots total population.

There is a large rural population in Kalyan, about 15% of its population.

Kalaikundas unemployment rate stood at 16.4% in March.

Kalaikkundas poverty rate stood about 22% in April, according to data provided by the district administration.

The average monthly income of Kalaikkunda is about Rs 1,600.

The Kalaakundas jobless trend is more pronounced in the western and southern districts.

The rural unemployment rate was 10.5% in the southern district of Thakur and 6.7% in Vavanikkunda.

The region of Thalimudi, which has a larger population, has seen a rise in job creation with a higher percentage of people working than the region of Pamporiya, which had a much lower percentage of job creation than the district of Kalyankur.

About 20% of Thalaikk

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