Teenager, 19, has sex education casting controversy

The casting of a 19-year-old girl to play a teenage sex worker in a sex education show has sparked controversy.

The teenager has been cast in a role called ‘Kelsey’, a fictionalised version of the fictional ‘Kylie’ who was a sex worker.

It is understood she is an actor and that the actress who plays her is a teacher.

However, the BBC has said it is casting the role of Kelsey in a different context.

In a statement, the broadcaster said: ‘The casting of Kelseys role in the new programme is in fact a new version of a character who is a model for an upcoming ITV reality show.’

The new role is for the actress to be played by an experienced sex worker to give a new perspective on the issue of sex work.’

It’s a unique way to explore sex work and sex education and the show is part of ITV’s new ‘Kessex’ programme.’

This is a very rare opportunity to cast an adult performer in a very real, yet often under-appreciated, role.’

I hope that the casting of the Kelsey role will inspire young people to see the world through a different lens.’

Kelseys casting reflects the fact that sex work is a part of a more globalised world, and a real life example of a model.’

Sex workers are a part, but not the only part of the model industry.’

It is not the first time Kelsey has been involved in controversy.

In 2013, the starlet appeared on a show about a young woman who was raped by a man while she was at a nightclub.

Kelays father also made headlines for his outspoken views on sex work after he tweeted a picture of a man being held by two women in a compromising position.

He wrote: ‘How many people think it’s ok to take a naked woman to a nightclub in the middle of the night?

How many people are not worried about this kind of thing?’

In August 2014, Kelsey was criticised after she appeared in an episode of BBC2’s series The Naked Truth.

‘I’m so embarrassed that I went into the show thinking I was being taken care of.

I was not,’ she said at the time.

‘It was a terrible experience.

I felt so helpless and so ashamed.’

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