Teenage sex education ‘isn’t safe for teens’

Teenage girls are increasingly having to answer to their parents about sex, even if they’re not aware of it, a new report finds. 

“Sex education is not safe for teenagers,” the report from the Family Research Council found.

“Teenage girls need accurate information about what sex actually is.” 

The report, titled “Sex Education Is Not Safe for Teenagers,” found that girls as young as 10 years old are being exposed to sex-ed materials that portray them as having sex with their dolls, not with real people. 

“[T]he sex ed materials are designed to make the girl feel comfortable about sex and to convince her that sex with a real person is more fun than sex with her doll,” the Family Foundation report said. 

The organization said it has also heard from parents who have seen sex-education materials being “discredited by the parents who are teaching the materials.”

The report also found that in some states, sex education classes are being taught in the backrooms of schools and that students are being pressured to share the content with their parents in order to avoid punishment.

“Schools have been told that this information is too harmful to the students,” the foundation’s report said, “and that it will cause them to be ‘sexually aggressive,’ ‘sexual delinquents,’ ‘abusive,’ and ‘inappropriate’ and that it is not ‘sex ed.'” 

The Family Foundation has been working on this report for years and has been pressing for sex-related sex education in the classroom.

 It’s been a major priority for the organization, as it is an issue that’s been plaguing American schools since at least 2000.

In 2016, the group launched a campaign called #SexyTeens to push for sex education on college campuses, in the news media, and in the halls of Congress.

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