Which is better for your business? Best value for your money

Business Insider and The Associated Press are breaking down the pros and cons of buying a new home or business.We’ve created a new interactive infographic to help you figure out which company is best for your needs.We’ve also added a little bonus for those who want to get more specific.Read more

When Bill Clinton took the first steps to make college affordable for black college students

Hillary Clinton is looking to address the crisis of African-American college affordability.Speaking on the issue in Washington D.C., the Democratic presidential candidate said her administration would expand access to a free, four-year college education for African-Americans.The issue of affordability for low-income students was a major theme of Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee’s campaign…

Why you shouldn’t be reading Wikipedia

You might be wondering why you shouldn�t be reading the latest article on Wikipedia.You can read it online or read it in print, but it�s not the same.And it�ll be much harder to figure out what�s actually there, if you�re not careful.The internet is filled with information.It�s like a huge pile of books on the…

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