Why is Israeli education not in danger of falling apart?

The education system in Israel has suffered a setback in recent years with a series of new and expensive high-stakes exams that have become increasingly controversial and controversial in Israel.In the past, the tests have been a source of anger and frustration for many Israeli citizens, who have accused the Israeli Education Ministry of using…

Which is better for your business? Best value for your money

Business Insider and The Associated Press are breaking down the pros and cons of buying a new home or business.We’ve created a new interactive infographic to help you figure out which company is best for your needs.We’ve also added a little bonus for those who want to get more specific.Read more

What we know about the Christian Light Education camps

It’s a popular holiday tradition that dates back to at least 1871 when a young man who didn’t have much money left his hometown to head to the mountains to work for the Salvation Army.Since then, thousands of Christians from around the world have come to California to work with their local churches to help…

What are the top five games you should play for free education?

The BBC Sport Education series explores the different ways education is being delivered in the UK.We examine how students are accessing the educational system, the types of games they should play and how to find the games you want.You can find more of our Education coverage here.Free Games for Free Education Game 1: Free games…

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