Mike Pence’s education policies are a joke, says US academic

Education policy is often a debate that is difficult to navigate and is sometimes complicated to discuss, with political forces often seeking to take advantage of the confusion.

The Trump administration’s new education policy, announced this week, appears to have been designed to do just that.

It appears to be a blatant attempt to ignore academic scholarship and scholarship of any kind, including those from the academy, to advance its agenda of gutting public education.

What’s more, it is likely to further damage the careers of many of the most highly regarded academic scholars and policy experts.

It is not the first time that the Trump administration has attempted to rewrite academic standards.

The White House has also recently taken aim at academic standards in general.

In January 2017, the Department of Education announced that it would be scrapping the Common Core State Standards, which were established to promote the use of standardized tests for most public schools across the US.

The new policy also includes a plan to end the Common Resource Assessment (CRA) program, which had been widely supported by the American Association of University Professors.

The CRA program was created in response to a dramatic rise in the number of students who were taking standardized tests at high school and college, and which was intended to help states prepare students for university admission.

It also helped teachers prepare students in math, reading, science and other subject areas.

The decision to end CRA is likely aimed at undermining efforts by the Common Council, a national coalition of organizations that advocate for academic standards and research.

CRA was meant to provide a pathway for schools to assess students’ skills, which was a major aim of the Obama administration.

It was also meant to make sure students were ready for university if they were accepted, but many students were not.

CRAs were set to expire in 2020, but in February 2018, the Trump Administration announced that they would continue to be in place.

The policy also states that students who do not meet the federal requirements for “college readiness” (a requirement for the Common resource assessment) will be allowed to drop out of school and remain in the country illegally.

These students will then have to reapply for their permits to stay in the US, as they will have been in the past.

It seems the administration sees CRAs as a way to ensure that students will continue to attend college, with a strong focus on college completion.

Students who do fail the test will be required to take the Common Assessment, which will be available for free.

However, students who fail it will be barred from re-entering the country for five years.

The Education Department’s proposed policy also removes the “core values” and “principles” that make up the core of American education and replaces them with a “school-based assessment,” which is an alternative that is meant to be used by states.

Under this alternative, students are given the opportunity to take a standardized test to measure their “learning outcomes” (as defined by the administration) and then “evaluate the degree to which their students have achieved their learning objectives.”

The new administration also appears to seek to gut the Common Alliance, an organization of educators and advocates who work to promote academic standards for students.

The administration has announced that the Common alliance will be disbanded.

The alliance’s main purpose was to promote “quality, diverse, fair, and equitable instruction in public schools,” according to its website.

However it has also been criticized for failing to provide information about the impact of standardized testing on student learning, which has been one of the main criticisms of the Common assessments.

The Alliance has received support from teachers unions, who argued that students should not be given a chance to prepare for standardized tests and for the results to be weighted in favor of the wealthiest students.

These groups have also pointed to the Common assessment as a tool to push for tuition-free private schools, which are increasingly being sought by wealthy parents, as opposed to public schools, where students are most likely to be exposed to standardized testing.

The proposed policy is a departure from previous efforts to weaken standards and push for tests.

The Common Alliance has opposed the Trump plan and is fighting back with lawsuits, which it plans to use to fight the administration’s policy.

The American Federation of Teachers, the nation’s largest teachers union, also released a statement condemning the new administration’s plan to undermine academic standards: We call on the Trump Education Department to stand up for public education and support our students.

It’s not the end of the world if this is what they are doing.

We believe that all children deserve the chance to receive an education in an atmosphere free of discrimination, misinformation and harmful, ineffective standards.

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