How to watch Trump’s Education Department videos and save time, Trump said

President Donald Trump is warning the Education Department to speed up its rollout of a new education video that he says will help people learn more about the president’s plan to overhaul the federal education system.

Trump said the department’s chief education officer, Katherine Archuleta, should make a public announcement soon about a new video about Trump’s education plan that is intended to help people understand the president is pushing for “smart growth” for the country.

Trump is “not going to make that a secret,” Trump said at a Thursday press conference.

“If I make that very public, we’re going to have a very different America.”

The Trump administration has promised to roll out a new set of video ads that will promote the president�s education plan, which is aimed at improving test scores and narrowing racial and economic disparities.

The plan would eliminate the Common Core State Standards, which the Education secretary, Betsy DeVos, has said would help ensure that children receive a “high quality education.”

Education Secretary Archuletas office has been working with the department to develop a video campaign to help the public understand the plan. 

“The video will explain why the president wants to move away from Common Core and into smart growth, and will highlight the impact the president will have in education across America,” Archuletanas deputy chief of staff, Jennifer Bresnahan, said in a statement.

The video is part of the Trump administration�s effort to push ahead with its plan to reform the education system, which Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have pledged to take to Congress and the public.

The new video would highlight the president as an advocate for “strong school choice,” which the president has said is a key way to help lower the cost of education.

Trump has also called for a new national test for all students to give students a better idea of where they stand in the education market.

The Trump administration said it would also introduce a new test for students with disabilities.

The Education Department�s director of strategic communications, Samantha Riggs, said the Department of Education has already produced a new version of the campaign, which includes videos for students who can’t use the Common School Standards, and videos for teachers, principals and school officials who work with students.

“We have also produced video materials that provide a greater understanding of the president and his priorities, and the role that he will play in our nation�s public education system,” Riggs said.

“I want to assure you that the video that the president recently released will include a clear explanation of the President�s goals for smart growth and strong school choice.”

The department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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