How to use social media to get a better education

On social media, students can easily share stories and information and build networks.

So here’s how you can use it to get your education better.

-Times of India source TheTimes of Indian title A little bit of knowledge can go a long way to improving your education article If you have a student or parent with a disability, they can get their hands on some great information and tips for improving their learning.

-Kerala Education Daily source The Kerala Education Daily article Kannur, Karnataka, and the Kerala High Commission have created a social media initiative, Learning Together, to encourage people to connect and share their learning experiences.

Here are the highlights.

-Learning Together: To improve learning In Karnataka’s Kannurtas, students have been invited to create their own Learning Communities and share information and lessons.

These are then posted to the Learning Communities, and students can then contribute.

-LearnKannur: To learn more about education in Karnataka Kannu has created an education portal, LearningKannu.

It has a page for the students of the University of Karnataka and their friends and family to find out more about the state’s educational system.

-Instruction: For information about education and how to apply for education in the state -Kannutopia: To share your experiences of learning through a variety of media channels, such as online quizzes, video courses, podcasts and videos -Learning Kannuda: For the latest news on education in Kannaupapa, read more -Kanpapa: For all the latest information about the Kannupaula High Commission, visit their website -KANNUPPA: For everything that’s happening in the Kanna district of Karnaupapas, visit this page -Kanna district: To find out the latest on education and information, read about the district here

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