How to tell if your school is in an area that needs a curriculum update

How do you tell if a school is being used to teach an outdated curriculum or needs to be updated to meet the needs of students? 

It’s a common question, and one that has become more prevalent over the past few years.

In the United States, for example, the Department of Education has begun to look into whether a district has been misusing federal education dollars to teach a curriculum that was outdated when it was first proposed in the 2020-21 school year. 

In the meantime, parents are increasingly concerned that the outdated school curriculum is being passed off as “modern” in a bid to lure more students in, according to a study by the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

“We’re seeing a lot of students and parents concerned about what’s being taught in their schools,” said Amy Schulz, an education policy analyst at the Center.

“We’ve been seeing this in the classroom, and we’ve seen it in the hallway.”

The focus on outdated curricula is especially worrisome because it could mean that some students are being taught things that they aren’t capable of doing, or that they are not learning the skills they need to succeed in school, said Schulz. 

“The issue with the old school curriculum was it was really outdated,” she said.

“And the problem with the current curriculum is it is really outdated.”

 The Department of Justice and Education Department recently released a report on outdated curriculum standards in schools, warning that schools are using outdated curriculums to mislead parents, teachers, students and others about how to learn.

The report found that more than a quarter of the states that used federal funding for teacher evaluation and assessment have not adopted the standards.

It also found that many districts have been using outdated curriculum in classrooms for years.

According to a 2017 study by Education Technology Assessment Inc., an education consultancy, over one in three American schools has no current curriculum. 

Schulz said that a good indicator of whether a school has been using the outdated curriculum is whether it is still used in classrooms or not. 

Students should be able to get the information they need in a way that’s appropriate, and they should be learning things that aren’t taught in the curriculum that they’re currently learning,” Schulz said.

 “That’s a very good indicator that the district is using outdated materials and it’s being used for things that are not the curriculum,” she added.

Schulz believes that teachers need to educate students in a safe, non-threatening environment and that parents need to be educated as well.”

We need to get kids educated about the things that matter, so they’re not going to be going to school and they’re learning things like math, science and social studies, which is where students need to understand that they don’t need to sit in a classroom with someone who’s not a teacher and they don-t need to go through all that, and that’s not something that’s taught in these schools,” she told ABC News.”

It’s something that needs to stay out of the classroom.

ABC News’ Anna H. Johnson contributed to this report.”

It’s very important that teachers be able in that environment and the students understand that we’re not there to give them advice, and what we’re there to do is teach them to learn,” she explained.

ABC News’ Anna H. Johnson contributed to this report.

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