How to pay for sex education?

Educators have warned that the Government is looking to introduce a new tax credit to cover up to two sexual partners for each child in schools.

Key points:A tax credit for sex-education has been proposed for schoolsThe Government is considering whether to include it in the next budgetThe tax credit is a “significant” increase in funding for the schemeThe Australian Education Union (AEU) said the change would make schools “completely unaffordable”.

The Government has already committed to introducing a tax credit of up to $15,000 for each student in schools, which would cost about $1,200 per student per year.

The tax break would also allow schools to charge parents extra to cover childcare costs, with an extra $500 per child per year for parents.

The AEA has warned that a change to the current scheme could lead to an increase in costs for parents and children, and that the current tax credit scheme “is a significant increase in the funding for schools”.

The AECU said the Government should consider whether to introduce the tax credit “as a significant change to this Government’s commitment to support students in Australia”.

“The Australian Taxation Office has consistently said that any changes to the tax system are in the best interests of all Australians and they should not be driven by politics,” it said.

“We urge the Government to take a more pragmatic approach to the proposed tax credit.”

What is sex education and how do we teach it?

Schools should teach students about consent, healthy relationships and consenting sex, the AEA said.

It added that the introduction of the tax break “would increase costs for Australian parents”.

“Schools are often the first stop for many students in terms of learning about sexual consent, sexuality and consent, and the introduction to this tax credit could drive a further increase in fees,” it added.

“There are no other ways to pay and it is clear that the proposal to increase the tax-free childcare tax credit, to help pay for sexual education, is a major factor in this Government thinking.”

What’s behind the change?

The tax bill is set to be debated in the House of Representatives next week.

Labor has previously supported a change in the tax bill to help fund sex education, and it has also been reported the Government has agreed to provide the tax breaks for teachers to help with childcare costs.


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