How to Get Your Child’s School To Be On The Right Side of History

Ken Jeong, the founder of K-12 schools in China, told the Wall Street Journal that China has “a huge problem” with teachers being too “sensitive.”

“There’s a big problem,” Jeong said.

“They are too sensitive and sensitive.

You can’t even be a little bit sensitive.”

He said that the “school is not like a private school, the teacher has to be very sensitive to how they behave.”

The Journal reported that Jeong’s comments come after the Chinese government’s recent decision to shut down the last remaining “teacher-managed” private schools in the country.

“The teachers in China are the ones who are really the problem, not the parents,” said Jeong.

“So we are going to get rid of the parents and have no teacher management in the future.”

The article also reported that a Chinese school principal who refused to give a public interview to the paper because of his opposition to the Communist Party’s rule was fired.

The story said the principal’s name was Cao Shihong.

China’s education ministry has a long history of forcing public schools to conform to the country’s strict Communist Party ideology.

According to the Journal, the government has tried to force the closure of schools by threatening to “crush” schools with “cannon fire” if the teachers refused to comply.

The Education Ministry has also been accused of “corridors” to shut off private schools, where teachers and parents are forced to sign a contract.

In June, a local paper reported that parents in an unnamed county in central China had been “forced” to sign “credits” with a local bank that were used to close the school.

The paper also reported how a local school had been forced to close because the school’s principal refused to sign the “creditor” documents needed to close it.

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