How to find out about sex education shows in Australia

Posted November 15, 2019 09:04:10 If you want to know about sex and sexual health and rights in Australia, you’re going to have to learn to listen to sex education.

That’s the message from the sex education and advocacy group Educate Yourself Australia (EUA), which recently launched its first video series on the subject.

The series, called Sex Education Show, aims to give Australians a more accurate and detailed view of the state of sex education in Australia.

“There are a number of ways in which education can play a role in sex education,” said EUA’s head of education, Susan Young.

“One of those is by presenting a positive image of the sex act, or an alternative that might not be seen as acceptable or acceptable by a large majority of Australians.”

We’ve seen that in the United States where many people are still afraid of sex, so it can be a really important part of that understanding.

“For example, in the first episode of the series, a male teacher describes the sexual experience of an intimate relationship as the most exciting, the most intimate and intimate and most pleasurable, and then asks, “Do you feel guilty about this?

“Sex education is also important to the health and wellbeing of Australian women, said Young.

It’s about understanding how to have healthy sex, and how to manage risks, she said.”

It’s about educating young people about the differences between male and female partners, and it’s also about understanding what it is that’s happening when a woman has a partner,” she said, adding that sex education is particularly important to women who are having difficulty maintaining a healthy relationship.”

What’s so interesting about the show is the idea that it’s about empowering women, rather than the fact that we are seeing more and more men and women struggling with relationships and sex.

“Young said the videos highlight the importance of educating young Australians about sex, including the importance that they put in when they ask questions.”

When people are able to understand what it’s like to be in a sexual relationship, they are able more easily to talk to their partners about their needs, and what they can do to make sure that they’re enjoying sex, having healthy sex and having relationships,” she added.”

If people are having issues with that, or have been thinking about that, they can find the information and resources to get to that place, so that they can make better decisions in the future.

“The first episode, Sex Education Shows, will air in October.

It will also feature a follow-up episode later in the year.”

The idea is to really show that we have this incredibly important topic of sex in Australia that we really need to be talking about, and we need to talk about it in a very positive way, and with respect to our young people,” Young said.

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