How to deal with student loan debt

8.01 The Student Loan Debt Crisis and Why It Matters to the Economy article 8.02 Is Student Loan Borrowing a Financial Crisis?

article 8:14 The Government has launched a massive new scheme aimed at making sure the vast majority of borrowers are getting the right deal, but does that make it right?

8,300 students are eligible for the scheme, but they are getting £12.2bn worth of debt repayments every month, the BBC reports.

8 This is the second week in a row that students in England have been given a free lunch, the Daily Mail reports. 

The government says the lunch will help reduce debt.

9.19 Students who borrow more than £30,000 a year will now be able to defer the interest on their loans until they turn 65.

10.01 What are Student Loan Interest Rates?

10:30 Students who are in repayment for more than 10 years will pay more than they would if they stayed in university, the Guardian reports.

The scheme aims to encourage people to delay the repayment of student loans.

10 Students can defer the repayments of their loans if they pay £30 a week or more in full and the interest rate is below 4.8%.

10 Students who are under 25 years old can defer their repayments for three years.

11.19 What do the Student Loan Rates Mean?

11:32 A student loan repayment is the sum of your student loan interest rate and the cost of attending university.

12.20 Why is Student Loan Raters on the Rise?

12:47 Student loan rates are rising because of the recession, the Bank of England has said.

13.20 Student loans are going up because of inflation.

14.19 How many students do you owe on a Student Loan?

15.30 If you’re a student, you might be eligible for a refund of your Student Loan.

16.10 A number of studies show that students are less likely to use student loans to pay for their living costs.

17.19 How many times have you borrowed money to pay off a student loan?

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