How MTV helped me grow up in a racist country

MTV News has spoken to the people who helped to shape who I am today.

The series of interviews, which have been commissioned by the American Institute of Racism in Education (AIROE) show the experiences of people who have come from across the globe and have gone on to create the music and TV shows they are passionate about.

From the first day I walked in the door, my mother was an activist, a leader, a supporter of the arts and music.

She was the one who started me on the path of what I would become, not a follower, not an observer, not part of the system, but a person who believed in and encouraged the future of music.

She was also an advocate for the Black community, for women and people of colour.

When she died, in 2013, her ashes were spread across the US with messages of love, respect and solidarity.

It’s been two years since I have seen my mother’s ashes and I still can’t believe how much she has changed me.

I now know that her life, her legacy and her passion for music and the arts was shaped by the fact that she was an African American woman.

I am the first person in the world who has ever been to the US and seen her memorial.

She’s a woman who has lived her life in her colour, who has made the world a better place.

She is an inspiration to me and she inspired me to start making music.

I started making music in my home in London, and now I make music at home in America.

In that spirit, I’m very proud to be an American artist and I’m excited about what I’m doing in America, a country that’s still so much bigger than the US.MTV News has been working with the AIROE for the last two years, and in our conversations with those who made this history and helped shape it, we’ve learnt a lot about how the world of music has changed over time, and how the legacy of AIROSE has changed, too.

The American Institute for Racism In Education is a nonprofit organization that advocates for racial justice and equality through educational and cultural opportunities.

It has more than 50,000 members across the country and is a global network of more than 120 universities and schools in 40 countries.

The series is based on interviews with people from across Britain, from the music industry, academia and other backgrounds, to shed light on how racism and racism-inspired media influenced the world that they lived in and the people they worked with.

“I think I would have liked to say that I was a white girl making music and I think that would have been nice,” says Jody Williams, a black musician and performer who studied music and film at Cambridge University.

But she remembers the music more than she would like to.

“The way I felt about it was, I would like it to be about a black man, I think, being pushed and being judged by a white man,” she says.

“When I started making art and doing music, I felt like, I have to make something that can be heard in the music, so I felt I had to have a black voice.

And that’s where it became a question of, how do I represent a black person, in the way that I can represent myself?”

It’s not the only way she was challenged, Williams says, but she believes that as an artist and as a black woman, she has never been more in control of her voice and her vision.

She says she’s aware that some of the messages and messages she was exposed to, including racial slurs, can be triggering for people of all races.

“It can be that some people are not comfortable or feel that they don’t fit into certain categories, but there’s no question that I am more in my element because of that,” she explains.

“And it’s not just me.

There’s loads of people like me who feel that way, like, ‘I’m not black, I don’t belong in this space’.”

Williams believes that there are still a lot of people in the industry who are racist and who don’t see racism in everything they do.

“There’s no doubt that racism is alive in all of us,” she concludes.”But I don´t think that we can say that racism has gone away, or that racism can be stopped.”

The series will be broadcast on MTV News on Tuesday, August 17, at 7:30pm ET.

It will also be available on YouTube in the US on Thursday, August 18 at 11:30am ET.

You can watch the full series of conversations with people who make music and video on

If you want to find out more about the series, read our full interview with Jody and Jody’s co-author and former music manager, Nesta Smith.

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