BBC News: ‘It’s like being a refugee in Germany’

Germany has become the first country to grant refugees full citizenship rights and to give them legal residency, despite the country’s long-standing policy of refusing to integrate them.

The decision has angered some residents, who argue the move will put the country at a disadvantage in the global competition for jobs.

German media report that Chancellor Angela Merkel has approved the plan to allow German nationals to apply for German citizenship.

She has also granted asylum to a third Syrian refugee who arrived in the country on a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Berlin.

Germany has been a staunch supporter of refugees, including Syrian asylum seekers who have settled in the German capital.

But since 2015, the country has been slow to integrate refugees, and has repeatedly failed to provide basic services such as healthcare, housing and education.

It is one of a number of European countries that have rejected refugees and migrants fleeing conflicts in the Middle East and Africa, in an effort to stem the flow.

Critics say the decision is part of a wider trend of allowing refugees to stay in the nation even though they have made it clear they want to leave.

Many refugees are reluctant to leave, because they fear a return to Syria and the risk of persecution.

“I am very grateful for the fact that we now have citizenship rights, and we have the right to live here as a citizen of Germany,” said Zara Almeida, a refugee from Turkey who lives in Berlin. 

The move was welcomed by the German interior minister, Thomas de Maizière, who said the country was a model for other countries in the world.

“Germany has a history of welcoming refugees, with a clear plan to integrate and integrate people,” he told reporters.

Mr De Maizirère said Germany had also received “great enthusiasm” from other countries.

Earlier, the head of the German branch of the International Organisation for Migration, Uwe Reinhardt, said it was a “positive step” that would boost integration.

His comments came after Berlin welcomed more than 1,500 Syrian refugees on Tuesday.

“We are now one of the fastest growing countries in Europe, and I think that’s very important,” Mr Reinhardt said.

“But it’s also important that we have our borders secured, so that we don’t get another influx of people.”

It is also important for the refugees to be integrated, to be able to access jobs, and to have the chance to contribute to society,” he added. 

Germany is home to more than a million Syrian refugees and more than one million Iraqi refugees.

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